Meet our scholar and rugby captain Amy

The women’s rugby team have enjoyed a successful season so far, but who are the ladies that make up the team? Get to know their magnificent Captain: Amy Clarke

Q – What position do you play?
A – Prop

Q – What is your favourite thing about rugby as a whole?
A – Favourite thing has to be how inclusive the sport is! No matter what shape, size, fitness level you are, anyone can be a part of a team and play!

Q- What is your favourite holiday destination?
A – Has to be Ireland, nice scenic change from Manchester and of course those guys know rugby.


Q – What advice would you give to someone who has never played rugby before?
A – My advice would be to find a local club and go for it! Everyone starts somewhere, and it’s totally up to you how far you want to take it. But once you’ve tried you’ll love it, and it always impresses people when you tell them you play.

Q – What’s your favourite beverage?
A – A glass of red wine, stay classy.

Q – What’s the best thing about being a part of MMU Women’s Rugby?
A – All the people I’ve met whilst being here, they’ve made uni so much easier. It’s great to be part of a club that’s like a family. Also, the amount of support we get from the University is massive, so whether you want to become the best, or just do it as a bit of fun, there’s no pressure.

Meet other members of the rugby team on our blog every week!

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