What have MMU Taekwondo been up to?

I’m Ross and I am the president of the MMU Taekwondo club:

MMU Taekwondo are officially British University Taekwondo League Team Championships 2016/17. We won 44 matches in total over the last 2 months, have 9 fighters undefeated out of our 31 person squad, with all the others on 75% win rates, 6 in the Top 25 of the whole UK! I am overwhelmed and so proud of the team, they had the odds against them as they had to compete in more matches than any other university each time, making it harder on the team’s stamina. Most of the team this year are new to TKD having started in September and hadn’t ever competes before, so it’s an even bigger achievement for them.


We still have The League Cup to come, Nationals and then World Champs. So it’s a dream start and the club are continuing their success from the past few years, each year we claim another title, and so far this we have become the first ever University club to become European Champions and now taking through that momentum to dominate our inter university season. I always said I’d finally leave MMU once we win a World Champ medal, now we have been officially invited as the first ever university team to attend, it may come true.

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