Street 2 Feet 2017

Street 2 Feet is Manchester’s biggest 5-a-side homeless football event, however it is more than just football. Now in its seventh year, this event has significantly developed and uses football to bring together homeless services, to share experiences and help make a positive change.

Delivered on a national scale, the organisation and delivery of Street2Feet is the result of a now well-established volunteer programme. Working in partnership, students from Manchester Met and residents living in supported accommodation are upskilled and equipped with the tools to deliver this event.  With 172 players, 27 teams and 22 volunteers the tournament was a massive success.

Street to feet logo

The team of volunteers were split to focus on core areas, which consisted of a marketing team, media promotion, general event management and a campaigns team. While carrying out their roles within these teams, volunteers also raised funds and set up campaigns to increase the awareness of the positive changes the Street2Feet tournament is making through football.

A number of the MMU Sport volunteers who supported the delivery and organisation of this event shared their experiences and thoughts about being involved.

Sam worked on logistics, organising the music, entertainment and liaising with external companies to ask them lend a hand. This is the second year Sam has been involved with Street 2 Feet and he said it does not only give him first-hand experience of organising a national event, but “also gives you the feeling of bringing a society together.”

Street to feet 1

Ashraf was responsible for keeping score, ensuring the right teams where playing at the right time and overall ensuring the smooth running of the day. He valued the opportunity as it gave him the chance to work with people and students he would not normally work alongside, gaining an insight into people’s lives and how they have and can be changed.  Through volunteering at this event, Ashraf also said he felt he had “developed a number of key skills for the future”.

MMU Sport Volunteer Bayley also agreed with this, highlighting his use of organisational skills and teamwork qualities throughout this project, which he will be able feature on his CV. Bayley held a key role in recruiting and organising extra volunteers to help at the event, as well as team registration.  This volunteering opportunity appealed to Bayley, as he was able “to give something back to people who are far less fortunate” which for him was very rewarding as he could see how much everyone was enjoying it.

Street to feet 2

In the build up to the event, Lucy was part of the campaigns team working to develop a campaign idea to increase the publicity surrounding the event.  She also helped at the tournament as an event coordinator, supervising the registration of teams and timings of the games.  Through volunteering at this event Lucy said she “met some amazing people” and explained how it “was really eye opening to see how special the day was to them”.  Because of her experience this year, Lucy has already signed herself up to help at next year’s event!

Street to feet 3

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