Results day clearing – through the eyes of a home bird.

LindseyMeet Lindsay Seccombe, a Nutritional Sciences student from a small town up North, who didn’t get the results she wanted…. 

Its 7:30am on results day and I check my phone…As I see that I haven’t got the results I need for my first, or even my insurance choice, my chest tightens. It feels like the world is falling down around me. Why me?

Little did I know, that I was about to enter the BEST years of my life…

Results day

Let’s rewind back to results day 2015. I walked into college to pick up my results, having already discovered my hopes and dreams were shattered (well, what else was I supposed to think?) I just felt like I had let everyone down. But let’s face it, there was nothing more I could do, my exams were done and my results were out – I had to deal with it.

That afternoon, after plenty of tears, I sat down with my mum to go through my options. “MANCHESTER!? No chance am I going there!” (even though the course did look amazing). For a home bird like me, from a seaside village up North, Manchester felt like a thousand miles away. But what was the worst that could happen? I may as well give them a ring.

From that moment on, I was about to become a Nutritional Sciences student at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The following day

After barely a wink of sleep, it was time to write my uber long to-do list; as I am an organisation enthusiast. – And if being organised is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. First things first, sort my accommodation. I rang Manchester Metropolitan University Accommodation to organise somewhere to live, because, being someone who jumps to conclusions I was panicking I would become homeless. The lovely man on the phone offered me a room in a 12-bed townhouse…Great. For an OCD person like me, living with 11 other people didn’t sound very, erm, clean… but little did I know, everyone would be very hygienic and wouldn’t leave pots sky-high in the sink like you’d expect!

After accepting the accommodation offer (as I did not want to be homeless), it was all set in stone. Manchester Met – here I come!

Welcome Weekend

I arrived at Manchester for the first time in my life, on my moving in day. FYI, yes, it was the scariest thing ever but from that moment, everyone was so kind and helpful and reality kicked in – this was going to be my new home. I had barely gone any further south than York before, so Manchester was a big step. I may as well have moved countries.


Fast forward in time again to today, as I sit writing this post. I think about my three best friends who I met on moving in-day, and how now, I could not imagine my life without them and our four-bed house in Fallowfield. I’m on a university course studying Nutritional Sciences which I love and I’m currently on my dream placement with MMU Sport – and all because I didn’t get the results I wanted. It could not have worked out better!

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