Sport volunteering – not just for Sports students

Read about Primary Education student Marianne Lea’s volunteering experience at Soccerex – and why you should consider it too…pic 3

This month has been a very busy one, for a variety of reasons. I moved back to Manchester after a long summer at home, started back at Uni for my final placement (before I become a fully qualified teacher) and even squeezed in some volunteering too!

I volunteered at the Soccerex Global Convention, which is a massive three-day football convention around numerous aspects of football, from what we see as fans to what we don’t see. This was a great experience because it allowed us to get a taste of the wide range of companies and aspects of the footballing world. When you go to a game, whatever league it’s in, you don’t think about all the science and psychology behind those 22 players on the pitch. You also don’t think about teams or players breaking rules such as doping cases.


Soccerex is made up of both speakers/talks and exhibition stands. The stands were the same for the three days of the event and these were made up of so many different aspects of football. Going round and talking to these stands was very interesting because they all contributed to football in a different way and chatting to them allowed me to gain a better understanding of how big football is and how each aspect is vital for it. Most stands also had a challenge or game that delegates could play and this became a battle between a few of the volunteers!pic 2

The Speakers at Soccerex ranged from President of La Liga to ex-footballers. The topics of talkers were full of variety such as Doping in Football to a controversial Q&A with the La Liga President. I found the variety of talks great because they were all current and were incredibly interesting. I personally really enjoyed the Doping in Football one because it used current examples from other sports and how that trend could be introduced into football. The talk also highlighted how companies sell produces such as supplements to teams or players but not disclosed what the ingredients are. Most of the time it is a banned substance and the player will face the consequences.pic 1

The experience exceeded my expectations and I had an excellent time. I was asked after the event my reason for wanting to volunteer and this got me thinking about volunteering at Uni in general. I didn’t decide to volunteer at this event because my career is in Sports and Sports Marketing, I went because I love football and wanted to experience something new. This is why I volunteer, because it not only benefits the company you volunteer for, it will benefit you too.

Find out how you can get involved with volunteering in sport here.

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