So, what is This Girl Can?

New resident blogger, and MMU Placement student Lindsay, explains what This Girl Can means to her.

As a female student, I found it hard to overcome my fear of exercise, which stopped me from joining in. When I first entered a sport environment as a placement student in MMU Sport, I thought sport was the scariest thing ever. But I soon came to realise that it really isn’t. Sport isn’t just football or basketball, its having fun and taking part in physical activity with friends. It’s ok to do five minutes of jogging and be out of breath, or 30 minutes of yoga and face plant the floor because you have no balance. It’s not supposed to be scary, it’s supposed to be fun!

It was actually initiatives that take place within the University that helped me start to overcome these barriers.

Activities such as Lunchtime Walks and Mindfulness and Meditation made it easier for me to zone out and have some ‘me-time’ whilst still being active, without having to run round on a football pitch – not my idea of fun!

#ThisMMUGirlCan means a lot to me, as I now see physical activity as a passion, not a chore. Last month when I tore the tendon in my leg, I was so upset to hear that I couldn’t do ANY physical activity for a month. A MONTH!  But I found ways around this. I ended up doing core workouts on my bedroom floor and upper-body workouts in the gym, just to get my ‘me time’ in and stay active. It helped keep my energy levels and feel good about myself.

Because no matter what life throws at me, I can. This girl can.


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